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Offline client acquisition

If a customer is satisfied with your product, there’s a strong chance he’ll want to inform people around him about his good experience. If you wish to get new connections to potential clients from him, you must think about when would be a good time to ask for recommendations. In person, when the contract is signed? On delivery?

Passive telemarketing

Passive telemarketing is a complex management of incoming calls and their subsequent processing (promoting products, support lines for customers).

Online client acquisition

Acquisitions – a bogeyman for many businessmen who’d rather wait for orders to fall into their lap on their own than pick up a phone and meet their luck half way. Most often, acquisitions are made by a so-called cold call, or by recommendations.

Active telemarketing

Active telemarketing is a complex management of outgoing calls to specific people. Operators contact a pre-selected group of customers by phone (cross-selling, pre-sales).

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