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Do you need to sell your product? Use our services in the field of marketing. We’ll make your project visible on the internet, taking care of everything from communication, SEO/SEM, PPC campaigns management, email marketing to analyses, statistics, and return evaluation.

  • Offline client acquisition
  • Online client acquisition
  • Passive telemarketing
  • Active telemarketing


The primary goal of any business is to make profit. If you’re not entirely satisfied in this regard, we’re here to help you. We’ll help you to adjust your business and marketing strategies, directing innovation aims regarding products or services.

  • Optimization to ensure company growth
  • Company costs revision
  • Online and offline marketing strategies
  • Crisis management


We’ll analyse your product and define your competitive advantage. Why should customers purchase your product specifically? Do you know where your competitive advantage lies? If not, we’ll help you find it, and thus increase your sales.

  • Defining the company’s clientele
  • Analysing the client’s needs
  • Detecting the main advantages of your product
  • Market research for your product or service

Your client base is much larger than you think

Do you need your potential clients to know about your services or products?

We don’t earn our living by selling to people, rather by helping them choose what to purchase.

Jeff Bezos

Marketers make profits because the consumers buy what they wish to buy, not what they need.

Seth Godin

Don’t let your profession hinder your ideas

Direct acquisition, or direct targeted contact, phone communication and meeting potential clients remain the most effective way to acquire clients.
Both online and offline marketing will connect with your clients and directly address affinity and income groups according to your needs.
Guerrilla marketing or shocking, innovative, viral marketing whose purpose is to spread commercial information via social networks.

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"Marketing is the art of finding opportunities, developing them, and using them profitably."
Philip Kotler