Who are we?

We’re a communications and marketing company which consists of a number of international specialists, all experts in their respective fields. We offer you professional services in the field of active and passive telemarketing. Our specialization is in communicating with customers and providing services to your clients. We offer our services to a wide range of Czech and foreign companies, especially in the neighbouring Euroregion countries: Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary. Our expertise and individual approach help us get above-standard results.

Why you should approach us


For TF Marketing, personal approach and individual solutions are the foundation of every partnership. We assign a lot of importance to the relationship with our clients. Mutual communication when preparing a correct marketing strategy is necessary in order to achieve success.

  • Comprehensive communication solution tailored to your needs
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Quick awareness of the communications and marketing market
  • Creativity, originality, and the courage of an unusual solution



Marketing isn’t a one-time action, rather a process with a beginning and middle, but never an end. It can be improved, perfected, changed, or halted, but never entirely abandoned.

  • We’re convinced that marketing is the most powerful tool wielded by people who wish to make a change
  • The only thing you need in order to run a business is clients. The rest will follow.
  • Learning the basics of marketing takes approximately a day. Unfortunately, mastering marketing in all its depth takes an entire life.
  • The secret of marketing: if you devote time to it, it works.

Our team


Specialist Marketing


Marketing Koordinátor


Marketing Manager


Sales Manager

Our services

  • 1.
    Active telemarketing

    Active telemarketing is a complex management of outgoing calls to specific people. Operators contact a pre-selected group of customers by phone (cross-selling, pre-sales).

  • 2.
    Passive telemarketing

    Passive telemarketing is a complex management of incoming calls and their subsequent processing (promoting products, support lines for customers).

  • 3.
    Online and offline client acquisitions

    Tell us what you have, and we’ll tell you what you need. “Take some water, add sugar, carbonate it, and pour it into a can. The cost is probably less than a quarter. Write Coca-Cola on the can and you can charge a dollar." Jonas Ridderstrale


Don’t turn your product into consumer goods. Turn it into something nobody else can offer.

Fried & David Hansson

Before you ask people for their money, try to embark on solving their problem.

Amanda Durepos

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